Monday, May 01, 2006

WH Correspondents Dinner and Stephen Colbert

(Links to video: parts one, two, and three)

If you're an active member of the blogosphere, then this is nothing new. But in the interest of doing my part to make up for the complete lack of coverage the media that was afforded to this remarkable display of bravery just feet away from the leader of the free world, I'm linking to it, and I strongly suggest that anyone who hasn't seen part of the clip (at Crooks and Liars) or read the transcript, do so NOW.

This, from Editor & Publisher:
Colbert, who spoke in the guise of his talk-show character, who ostensibly supports the president strongly, urged Bush to ignore his low approval ratings, saying they were based on reality, "and reality has a well-known liberal bias."

He attacked those in the press who claim that the shake-up at the White House was merely re-arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. "This administration is soaring, not sinking," he said. "If anything, they are re-arranging the deck chairs on the Hindenburg."
The nervous laughter among the reporters in attendance said it all.

Also, check out Peter Daou's criticism of the press for entirely missing Colbert's groundshaking riff in last weekend's news cycle. And thank Stephen Colbert, here.

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