Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Interviewing the Holy Spirit

A brilliant piece of "journalism" from Grant Swank of the Post Chronicle. Quote (emphasis mine):
While various denominations spread AIDS/HIV with the homosexual push, Christ as personal Lord and Sanctifier is preached and held to in Africa. No wonder then that the African Anglicans protest the Anglican Communion worldwide in the latter's defense of homosexual activity. With the archbishop [sic] of Canterbury waffling in his understanding of Christian ethics regarding homosexual practice, believers by the thousands leave his Communion for the scripturally sound churches.

...The Holy Spirit moves where He is welcomed. ... The Holy Spirit then has been informed to leave those segments for the predominance of mortal-made religion in the name of the "Christian Church".

However, in Africa, the Holy Spirit is beseeched to defeat the unclean spirits and to ward off the apostasy so prevalent in theologically liberal churches elsewhere. The Holy Spirit then visits the imploring souls with His forgiveness and cleansing for a life of practical holiness.

Mr Swank, I want an interview with the Holy Spirit! Does He have a booker?

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Daniel said...

They better hope the Holy Spirit can halt the spread of AIDS, because the government and religious leaders of Africa aren't doing much to combat it.

Their resistance to secular/scientific methods of combatting AIDS and their dogmatic devotion to teaching abstinence is condemning countless Africans to slow death. Not that they seem to care.