Wednesday, May 24, 2006

A little pathetic, but a sign of better things to come

Gore's too hot too handle (even Andrew Sullivan is giving him more than the typical snark he reserves for the former veep), and HR Clinton is working hard to get a slice of the climate change pie.

Hillary picked the day before the release of Gore's "An Inconventient Truth" to make her first major policy address on climate change.

According to ABC News:

Gore's documentary, which rolls out across the country this week, is a movie that he said is meant as a wake-up call for Americans to become more energy efficient.

But, according to some political analysts, it also seems to have been a wake-up call for Clinton to get on the global warming bandwagon.

Two rather obvious observations. The HR Clinton fund-raising machine has revealed itself to be an utterly ungifted and plastic enterprise, so completely afraid of saying the wrong thing that it no longer says anything at all. If she weren't a woman, I would feel perfectly comfortable calling her a political whore. (For reference, former California governor Pete Wilson was the first politician I ever called a "political whore.")

Second, the response of plasto-politicians like HR Clinton shows just how powerful the "global warming bandwagon" has actually become. Sharon Begley, at the Wall Street Journal, wrote a short and compelling piece on how difficult it not is to remain a global warming nattering nabob. Yesterday's NYT op-ed by Gregg Easterbrook, a long-time global warming skeptic now convert, adds fuel to that fire. And no one seems to be able to poke serious holes in Gore's argument. does the dirty work, comes up with a few trivial errors in the film, but not much else to complain about.

So the timing of Hillary's decision to give an "address" on climate change says two things. First, she's not worth anyone's vote for President, and second, the debate over global warming is over.

Now, if only The Competitive Enterprise Institute and their corporate sponsors would see the light.

(cartoon RJ Matson, 5/24 issue of Roll Call)

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