Friday, April 07, 2006

What five years' imprisonment for a homosexual in Nigeria might look like

From the BBC, regarding prisons in Nigeria:
Inside prisons, conditions are squalid and disease is rife; tuberculosis is common.

Human rights groups say inmates often fall ill, some die from a lack of adequate medical treatment.

Many cells have no beds or mattresses, the inmates sleep on concrete floors. Securing a blanket or a mat to sleep on is a luxury.
I want to know the following from Archbishop Akinola and his people: were the bill (pdf) enacted, would you and the Archbishop support someone's imprisonment should he or she speak out in defense of homosexuality within Nigeria's borders? If you think "yes", then say "yes". If you think "no", then withdraw your endorsement.

No answer so far, but I'll keep you updated.

(Hat tip to Göran Koch-Swahne for the BBC story. Photo credit BBC.)

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