Monday, April 24, 2006

Obasanjo's convoy stoned by crowd in Kano

From News24 in South Africa:

Obasanjo's convoy was pelted with stones by protesters as it passed through the northern city of Kano, a hotbed of opposition to his party's bid to change the constitution to allow him to run for a third term.

As the cars accelerated to escape at least three moped taxi riders were run over. Meanwhile, several of the vehicles in the convoy were damaged by sticks and stones thrown by a mob waving opposition placards and posters.


Monday's protest appeared to have been coordinated, and many demonstrators arrived at the scene in buses emblazoned with posters of Kano's Islamist state governor, Ibrahim Shekarau of the opposition All Nigeria People's Party (ANPP).

Members of the crowd shouted: "We don't support tenure elongation" and "Kano is an ANPP state, PDP has no place here".


International observers, including the US director of intelligence John Negroponte, have warned that any attempt by Obasanjo to cling to power could trigger widespread violence and destabilise Nigeria's fragile region.

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