Friday, April 21, 2006

The "War on Terror" and Nigeria

This from Lord Lea of Crondall (Labour) about the Niger Delta (April 18, House of Lords):
I want to say only a few words about the Niger delta. Shell and the other companies are committed to making further investments, but I want to make the point that President Obasanjo has to become much more involved in the political economy of the delta region than he has been hitherto. The share made by the delta states, the pollution states, to national revenues is due to rise from 13 per cent to 18 per cent. It is important that we do not get into a situation where the Americans, who take half the oil, declare the Niger delta to be part of the war on terror. We do not want some crazy assistant in the White House defining it as being part of that war. However, that could be the direction in which things go. [emphasis mine]
I don't think it's quite that bad in the White House just yet, but don't think that Nigeria isn't emerging as a major nexus in the West's 21st Century oil economy.

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