Monday, April 10, 2006

Odd post from The Muslim News

The Muslim Times reports that Nigeria has already enacted the Same-Sex Marriage (Prohibition) Act 2006. I don't think that's yet the case -- I've seen no independent corroboration.

But these paragraphs from the article caught my attention [emphasis mine]:
Even though homosexuality is already illegal in Nigeria and in the north can be punishable by stoning the guilty party to death, a further bill was deemed necessary following developments abroad. Gay unions in Nigeria are now punishable by five years imprisonment without the option of a fine. Minister Ojo added that people who support or aid these gay unions could be liable for the same punishment. Furthermore, pro-gay protests and public displays of homosexuality have all been made punishable offences.

President Olusegun Obasanjo is a firm supporter of Archbishop Peter Akinola, the head of Nigeria's Anglican Church, which is strongly opposed to same-sex marriages and the inclusion of gay priests into the Church worldwide.
Make no mistake -- there is an Obasanjo-Akinola link at the center of all this:
  1. Homosexuality is already illegal -- all the legislation (pdf) would do is ban speech and other civil liberties in support of homosexuality.
  2. What does Archbishop Akinola get out of this? Changing Attitude Nigeria would be banned.
  3. What does President Obasanjo get out of this? He shores up support among Northern Muslims going into his bid to change the Nigerian constitution to allow him a Third Term.
Stay tuned.

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