Thursday, March 09, 2006

US State Department has already weighed in

The following press release from the US State Department (2/1/2006), regarding the proposed anti-gay-marriage legislation (pdf) in Nigeria, has just come to my attention:

Nigerian Legislation Threatens to Limit Rights of Sexual Minorities

The United States is concerned by reports of legislation in Nigeria that would restrict or prohibit citizens from assembling, organizing, holding events or rallies, and participating in ceremonies of religious union, based upon sexual orientation and gender identity. This proposed legislation has not been adopted.

The freedoms of speech, association, expression, assembly, and religion are long-standing international commitments and are universally recognized. Nigeria, as a State Party to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, has assumed important obligations on these matters. We expect the Government of Nigeria to act in a manner consistent with those obligations.
As I said yesterday, these rights are the rules we live by -- violate them, and lose legitimacy.


John said...

If you claim that all organizations should be allowed before a "government" can be granted "legitimacy", what about all the organizations that have been shut down for "sponsoring" terror in Israel, the crackdown on the Branch Dravidians etc? In the interest of "free speech" and "legitimacy" they should have been allowed to operate.

Brian Miller said...

Gay religious and political organizations don't bomb civilians or kidnap children or engage in armed standoffs with police. Comparing the two is like saying the government is inconsistent in law enforcement because it provides life imprisonment to murderers but not jaywalkers, and this is unfair because both murderers and jaywalkers are lawbreakers.