Thursday, March 16, 2006

Gone for the weekend

I'm gone for the weekend, and probably won't be in touch to blog until Tuesday (though you never know).

After getting off my flight, I caught wind of three new posts that are worth reading:

(1) The Episcopal Diocese of Washington has posted a response to the many challenges to Bishop Chane's op-ed on its blog.

(2) The Living Church has now written a piece on the Minns and Duncan letters (which I discussed here and here, respectively).

(3) The EDOW post links to a letter to Chane from three priests at All Saints' Chevy Chase. The EDOW blog, I think, handles the letter well. I would add only that I continue to be astonished that American citizens are willing to cast aside civil liberties so blithely -- it must be that they take these liberties for granted. They make distinctions of "public" versus "private" homosexual advocacy in the Nigerian legislation's text in order to defend it, and then compare that distinction to the one made in the US Military's don't-ask-don't-tell policy. This is a ludicrous analogy -- its application would have the effect of shutting down an important element of the democratic process. As for the rest of the letter, its contents are sufficiently similar to those of other letters that I will rely on my previous posts as rebuttals.

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