Saturday, March 25, 2006

More reaction to Human Rights Watch letter

Human Rights Watch (HRW) recently issued a press release calling for Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo to withdraw the legislation he recently presented to the Nigerian Federal Assembly that would ban not only gay marriage but also the right for anyone to publicly advocate or defend homosexuality. The legislation would further ban church groups that celebrate gay marriages or simply support their celebration, and could hamper HIV/AIDS prevention efforts in Nigeria, where over 3% of the population is infected with the virus. See below.

Here are three more press items following on the HRW press release:

Afrol News in Norway (March 24) discusses the content of the legislation and the objections of HRW.

SomaliNet (March 24) presents a very brief summary of the legislation and the HRW press release. (March 24) publishes a short notice by the UN Integrated Regional Information Networks (IRIN) on the possibility that the legislation could hamper HIV/AIDS prevention efforts.

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