Sunday, June 18, 2006

Nigeria roundup, cont'd, 6/18

  • On Friday (6/16), the Nigerian Navy detained US photographer Ed Kashi of National Geographic while taking pictures of gas flares emanating from the Obama flow station in Bayelsa state. According to the Nigerian Navy, Kashi did "not obtain permission to take pictures of the facility and that the area is volatile and he could have been kidnapped." Apparently, the Navy has not yet acknowledged that he is in detention, yet everyday they say they will release him.
  • From Reuters (6/17):
    At least six people were killed in the southeast Nigerian city of Onitsha when a feud between a separatist group and a transport union degenerated into street battles, residents said on Saturday. [violence erupted in Onitsha in February; over 100 died]

    One witness said men armed with guns and machetes boarded a bus, forced out all the passengers and shot and beheaded one of them at the roadside.

    "He was killed in my presence and his head was cut off," said Charles Mbara, an estate agent who was a passenger on the bus.
    Read the entire story.
  • Disagreement exists over whether crude prices are currently driven by supply or demand concerns, but continued instability in the Middle East, increased demand from India and China, and unrest in the Niger Delta are expected to keep crude oil prices in the $68 to $72 per barrel range in the forseeable future (Forbes).

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