Thursday, June 15, 2006

Anglican roundup, 6/15

[Akinola rumor updated below]

If anyone out there wants to know what stories interest a non-Anglican about the Episcopal Church's General Convention going on right now in Columbus, Ohio, here goes:
  • At a press conference on June 14, Bishop V. Gene Robinson answered the following question from a reporter (emphasis mine):
    Q: You use the name of Jesus in connection with the gay and lesbian agenda in the Episcopal church. Are you convinced that those who oppose you on this issue are following a false Jesus?

    : First of all, let me say that Jesus is the agenda, the homosexual agenda in the Episcopal Church. I believe that with my whole heart. Second of all, I would in no way issue such a judgment against anyone who disagrees with me. Let me just use the Most Reverent Peter Akinola, the Archbishop of Nigeria, as a name, a representative. I believe that Peter Akinola is following his journey back home to God as faithfully, as prayerfully and as thoughtfully as he can. I am, too.
  • There is a rumor that Archbishop Peter Akinola of Nigeria is in Columbus. From BeliefNet [emphasis mine]:
    If the ACC divorces itself from the Episcopal Church, where will they go? Rumor hast it that Peter Akinola, the Archbishop of Nigeria who has been particularly vehement in his opposition to the Episcopal Church’s approval of Robinson, is in the city awaiting a vote on the LGBT-related issues. If he is, he could lead the disappointed conservatives out of the convention hall and into his branch of the Anglican Communion.

    So far, this is only a rumor.
    Yes, it's only a rumor. And I didn't start it.

  • UDATE: Kendall Harmon at titusonenine says Archbishop Akinola is not in Columbus and that he will not be in Columbus. I believe him.

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