Thursday, December 21, 2006

I'm flabbergasted

There's a new press release from Bishop Minns of Truro Church and Archbishop Peter Akinola of Nigeria. It's basically damage control. If I could paraphrase the key bits of Akinola's letter, it would read something like this:
Thanks for your vote. I heard you guys are concerned that you're now "anti-gay". Not true. I love gay people. Many of my best friends are gay people. I also heard that you're worried about the fact that I endorsed that legislation, not once but twice. Yeah, I know. It looks bad. But we don't want to be like Massachusetts or Cape Town, do we? I mean, seriously. And besides, there was this one guy in the legislature, an Anglican, who wanted to debate the bill. The Muslim guy didn't. Did I mention that no one ever brings up the fact that there's Shari'ya in many northern Nigerian states? Anyway, thanks for your vote.
Serious commentary after these messages ...

[By the way, Jim Naughton and Fr. Jake have more.]


*Christopher said...


Are you really flabbergasted? This seems like par-for-the-course to me. That Anglicans generally have been so slow to say anything strong in response to this also isn't a shock, really.

Matt said...

Yeah, Christopher, I am flabbergasted. Seriously. Read my next post.