Tuesday, July 25, 2006

"American Theocracy"

I haven't read it yet, but I've seen or heard Kevin Phillips everywhere. And as if to answer my questions from a recent post, I read the following quote from a review by Anthony Monteiro of Phillips' book in Political Affairs Magazine [emphasis mine, page numbers are from Phillips' book]:
Under the cloak of fighting terrorism, talks have begun between Washington and several African nations to build permanent naval and military bases in West Africa, particularly Senegal, Ghana and Mali - a rising oil region. The Wall Street Journal indicates that the key mission for US forces in Africa is to guarantee that Nigerian oilfields, that in the future could account for 25% of all US imports, remain secure. US military officials have visited Gabon and Sao Tome where they are considering building a deepwater port. The US European Command has recently stated its carrier battle groups would spend half their time going down the west coast of Africa. (85). The US oil strategy in Africa has ignited ethnic conflict, corruption, wealth and income disparities and interstate tensions. (Phillips, p86 - 87). Sudan and Chad and the political and ethnic struggles in Nigeria are case studies of these developments.
I guess I'm not crazy to be asking these questions. Stay tuned for the next major battleground in the War on Terrah.

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